Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Free Games Download

1. Download-free-games: 297 high quality and safe game downloads including - Bejeweled, Risk II, Diner Dash, Monopoly, Scrabble, and tons more! You can also play over 174 web games. Click here:

2. Games2Download: Visit this free game downloads site, packed with high quality and safe downloadable games enjoyed by people of all ages, casual and hardcore gamers alike! Click here:

3. TerraGames: Full download PC games collection, new and free games download, latest PC games, full game downloads. If you want you can also buy PC games from this site. Click here:

Friday, January 12, 2007

File Storing & Sharing

1. RapidShare: This simple, no-frills, free site lets you upload as many files as you want, each as large as 100MB, and send the link to any number of recipients. The files can be downloaded an unlimited number of times (limited to 30MB per hour), and they remain on the server as long as they're downloaded at least once every 30 days. Click here:

2. ESnips: Excellent site! Get 1GB free storage to upload and share files, photos and videos. Share or sell photos, posters, books, ebooks, videos and the like. Click here:

3. You get 1GB of free space and a clean, lean web 2.0 interface with this service. File management, including the ability to tag your files and folders, is also simple. The free version has some limits though: You can't upload files larger than 10MB, and cannot share files with others. Click here:

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Utilities & Tools (Part - III)

1. LogMeIn: LogMeIn simplifies checking your home PC from the road. Install the free application on your PC, leave the PC connected to the web, sign on to a web page, and the remote-access service shows your PC's screen in the browser. Then you control your PC from afar. Click here:

2. Avvenu: Avvenu allows you access to all the files on your PC through a browser, from as long as your computer is turned on and connected to the Internet. Google Desktop Search is integrated with Avvenu to make it easy for you to find what you need on your computer. What's unique about Avvenu is that it lets you browse files and view thumbnails of images from a cell phone or PDA, too. And it automatically resizes photos to match the display size of the device you are using. No need to upload files to a server - the files stay on you desktop. Click here:

3. Mail2Web: Your ISP doesn't offer a web interface for your email inbox? Don't fret. With Mail2Web you can access any POP3 or IMAP4 account, read and respond to messages, and attach upto 10MB of files from any web-connected computer. And don't worry, your mail will still be there ready to download when you get back. Click here:

Saturday, January 06, 2007

For Bloggers (Part - II)

1. Squeet: A free service that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds, which are then delivered via email to your existing email account. Its easy to set up and highly configurable. Squeet does not require you to install any application, or to regularly visit a website to check for new content. Click here:

2. Yahoo 360: Yahoo's free personal website, Yahoo 360, gives you unlimited online space to publish a blog and share photos, and lets you subscribe to and share RSS feeds. You can access your Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Groups, and other services as well. After uploading your content, just invite friends to view your handiwork, even if they don't have a Yahoo account. Click here:

3. Globe of Blogs: Directory of blogs or blogs from around the world. Find blogs by their title, topic, author information, or location. Register your blog to make sure readers can find you easily. Click here:

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Business & Productivity Tools

1. Time Cave: Too busy to remember appointments or important tasks? Let the automatic email reminders from Time Cave give you a helpful nudge. Just enter the email address, type your message, and pick a delivery time (from 1 minute to three years in future). Time Cave does the rest. It's a handy tool if you're busy or you're on the road without your normal office programs (or a handheld device) to nag you. Click here:

2. YouSendIt: This free service lets you upload files to its web servers for temporary storage. You can include a personal note along with the upload; YouSendIt then sends an email to the person with whom you're sharing that explains how to pick up the file. You're notified when the file is sent and when it's picked up. The recipient's name is automatically added to your YouSendIt contacts. Click here:

3. Basecamp: A full-blown web-based project manager that permits you to track team members' responsibilities, the time they spend on various tasks, and the group's messages related to the project. Click here:

Sunday, December 31, 2006

For Book-lovers

1. LibraryThing: If you love books, and love people who love books, LibraryThing is for you. Start by using the service to catalog your book collection: Tag your books by topic, share your catalog with others, and then endlessly browse the titles that they have on their shelves. The utterly book obsessed can add the LibraryThing widget to a blog to show visitors what they have been reading lately. Click here:

2. OnlineBooks: The site's index lists over 25,000 free books. You can search the index by the name of the author, title of the book or the subject of the book. Click here:

3. Google Book Search: Search the full text of books to find ones that interest you and learn where to buy or borrow them.Try a search on Google Book Search or on When Google finds a book whose content contains a match for your search terms, we'll link to it in your search results. Clicking on a book result, you'll be able to see everything from a few short excerpts to the entire book, depending on a few different factors. Click here:

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Online Calendars/Schedulers

1. HipCal: If you think online calendars are too slow and have too few of the features you need, this free calendar may change your mind. HipCal will hook you with its snappy interface, address book, group calendaring, and content tagging. Click here:

2. Remember the Milk: More than just a to-do list manager, Remember the Milk acts like a full-blown calendar, but without the row-and-column display. Separating your life into Personal, Study, and Work tasks (categories you can change), you enter task reminders as you would in any other calendar; you can even create shared calendars for your group projects. Remember the Milk stands apart from other free online calendar / scheduling services in its support for the iCalendar format for importing and exporting calendars, as well as in its ability to publish your various tasks as a news feed. Click here:

3. Planzo: Planzo has some nifty features that other online calendars lack, such as the ability to e-mail alerts for an impending appointment. the service's interface is easy to customize, and you can sync your calendars with those of friends who have also signed up for the free service. Two other nice features let you attach files and photos to your notes, as well as create sharable to-do lists. Click here:

4. Calendars Net: Calendars Net primarilly services webmasters who incorporate calendars into their sites, but it also provides a free, Web-based calendar to anyone with internet access. Don't be put off by the ugly home page; the calendars themsaelves look very nice. And you can control your calendar in all sorts of ways: Select a language, choose from four levels of security, and color-code event categories. Click here:

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Video and Picture Sharing (Part II)

1. The Swiss army knife of online video, offers free video blogging, podcasting, searching, and sharing. Create your video blog on the site, or simply post links to clips from you own blog. Most of the site's videos are tagged, and generates a news feed of the latest video uploads for your convenience. Better yet, automatically posts videos to the Internet archive or to your blog. Click here:

2. ClipShack: It may not offer all the bells and whistles of other video sites, but this free service makes posting your videos quick and easy. Unlike other sites, ClipShack converts your uploads to Flash animations, ensuring that most people will be able to see them without having to download a plug-in. Linking to a clip requires copying and pasting some HTML code into your blog. Inveterate voyeurs can subscribe to an RSS feed of new clips. Uploads are limited to 50MB. Click here:

3. YouTube: YouTube doesn't have the video sharing and sorting tools that some of the other sites do, but posting your clips to the free service is a breeze. Videos are limited to 100MB each. Linking to clips from your blog requires copying and pasting HTML code. Click here:

4. Streamload Mediamax: How does upto 25GB of free storage space sound? Mediamax emphasizes storing your music, video, and photos and the amount of storage offered makes it worth a look. When you upload files, the service automatically sorts them under such tabs as "Photoshare" and "Music Locker". With Streamload's easy streaming options, the service acts as a ready-access library for all your media files. You just select a few songs or whole folders, choose Play, and listen via your favorite media player. The catch is that you can quickly use up the free service's monthly 1GB download limit. Click here:

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Information & Reference (Part II)

1. MedlinePlus: Once the preserve of physicians, Medline's formidable database is now easier for laypersons to use and is open to everyone. You can easily search for a symptom, condition, or disease, and get quick links to studies, definitions, and the like. Other sections of the site provide direct access to news about clinical trials, a dictionary of strong drugs, and an illustrated medical encyclopedia. And unlike other medical sites, Medline doesn't pelt you with ads or other sponsored editorials. Click here:

2. Acronym Finder: If you're caught in a snafu over instant messaging jargon like ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing) or technical specifications like kbps (kilobits per second), Acronym Finder can track it don, ASAP! Click here:

3. The Free Dictionary: Excellent collection of multiple dictionaries - computing, legal, medical, financial, acronym, idioms. It's search engine also scrolls through the Wikipedia and Columbia encyclopedias. Click here:

Monday, December 18, 2006

Free Your PC from Malware

1. Panda Activescan: If your antivirus software is on the blink, don't despair. Just stop by Panda Software's site for a free system scan. You'll have to download an applet, surrender your e-mail address, and use Internet Explorer. Panda detects and disinfects most forms of malware, and will alert you to (but won't fix) spyware infestations. Click here:

2. Trend Micro HouseCall: If installing antivirus and antispyware programs isn't an option on your PC - or if you use the machine at an Internet parlor, do yourself a favor and visit this site. Trend Micro's software runs in your browser to scan and eliminate malware on your computer. Click here:

3.KasperSky: Scan your computer for viruses with this free online virus scanner. Kaspersky uses the same virus scanner included in it's award-winning products!Click here:

Friday, December 15, 2006

Utilities & Tools (Part II)

1. Forget browser bookmarks - can keep track of your favorite sites much more easily, and from any PC online. When you post an item to, you add keywords; afterward, you can search for items that you or other users have tagged with these words, making this site a handy search tool, too. Click here:

2. Wink: Search engines are only as good as their underlying algorithm. finding the nuggets of gold among the results typically requires you to read through and discard the many links that are only tangentially related to whatever you are looking for. The free Wink search engine incorporates the human element, crawling tagged sites such as, Digg, and Flickr and drawing on Wink users' tagged searches to separate wheat from the chaff. Click here:

3. ThinkFree Online: With this Java- based service's browser conceives of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, you can do almost anything you want to do in the originals. The browser equivalents read and write .doc, .xls, .ppt, and other native Office file formats. The free service lets you save upto 1GB of documents online (maximum 10MB per document). You can post files to a blog with a single click. Best of all, ThinkFree Office Online can save files in Adobe's PDF. Click here:

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


1. JotSpot: Wikis make it easy for groups to add text, images, and even files to a single webpage. JotSpot (now acquired by Google) is a wiki that lets workers in far-flung locations get on the same page, as it were. People can create, edit, and read a wiki page, all without having to know HTML. The page can be a blog, group task manager, spreadsheets, calendars, or anything else team members would need to organize online. Click here:

2. Backpack: Backpack is a personal and small business information management and to-do list organizer. Before, whenever you wanted to travel with a laptop, you would have to load all the files you'd need onto the machine in advance. Now you can put your to-do lists, notes, and other essential files and photos onto one clean, clear webpage. Backpack isn't just a personal organizer - you can share pages, and group items by using tags. Click here:

3. PBwiki: PBwiki is a great introduction to collaboratively created websites. You can launch a new, password-protected wiki in just moments. Click here:

Saturday, December 09, 2006

For Webmasters

1. Do you tackle complicated topics on your website and explain arcane terms to newbies? provides a way to add definitions to any term. For example, to define the acronym "XML", add the link wherever "XML" appears on your page. Simple, easy, and free. Click here:

2. Random Surrealism Generator: Is your website dull? Ravenblack's surrealism generator will spark it up. Just copy the site's free HTML code to your homepage template. Each time your page loads, it will display a different Dali-esque comment ("I've always wanted to be a monkey). Click here:

3. Google Search: One way to drive traffic to your site is to provide your visitors with the ease they always wanted. Include the world's best search engine to your website. You also have the option to go for 'Google Search with Site Search' where your visitors can not only search the web but they can search your site as well. And, it's FREE! Click here:

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For Bloggers

1. PubSub: Want to find out what the bloggers are talking about before it hits mainstream? Just sign-up for PubSub and plug in your search terms. This site crawls more than 23 million blogs and 50,000 internet newsgroups for relevant entries, and then e-mails you the results. You can also install a sidebar applet inside IE or Firefox and view the results interactively. Click here:

2. Bubbler: When you have something to say right away, let Bubbler be your mouthpiece. This convinient multimediaq blogging tool resides on your dektop, enabling you to post entries, publish images, and share files with just a few mouse clicks - no wading through multiple log-on windows or dealing with kludgy posting tools. Bubbler will host a simple blog with 1MB of storage for free. Click here:

3. Blogarithm: Have many blogs to track? Let Blogarithm manage all of them (or any other pages). Whenever one or more of the blogs you read changes, you'll get Blogmail, an e-mail listing of all the blogs that have new content. The content itself is not e-mailed. You need to click on the link to visit the blog. Click here:

Latest Technology

1. BetaNews: If your work - or your sanity - is riding on the next release of a vital application, turn to BetaNews for the scoop on when it's coming, what the prerelease version does, and where you can get it. The site updates news frequently on beta programs and services, freeware, and shareware. Many stories have beta tester comments and direct links for downloading the application. Click here:

2. PCWorld: The website of the popular computer magazine - PCWorld - provides comprehensive information on that's hot and what's not, whether it be cell phones or PDAs, PCs or HDTVs, laptops or iPods. It also guides you on the best-buys. Click here:

3. HipTechBlog: Keep abreast of the latest gadgets & tech. Stay hip!HipTechBlog is about the latest gadgets and technology. Daily coverage and review of the coolest and the wackiest technology are what you'll find here! Click here:

Free EBooks

1. Project Gutenberg: Like Books? Project Gutenberg has been creating electronic versions of classic books for three decades, and its library currently contains the full text of more than 18,000 volumes. Read them online, or download CD image and create your own free CD containing thousands of articles. Click here:

2. features free marketing e-Books, compiler software reviews, and other eBook Publisher tools. It contains free ebooks on over 35 different topics. Click here:

3. Thousands of free ebooks, pre-formatted for reading on your PDA - eReader, PDF, Plucker, iSilo, Doc, RTF, Mobipocket, Newton Paperback, etc. Click here:

Computer/Technical Support

1. Windows Secrets: When Windows craps out, who you gonna call? Turn to the site run by ace Infoworld columnist Brian Livingston. The site has Livingston's biweekly newsletter full of Windows tips (which you can get via e-mail) and, better yet, his Windows Tips Search Engine, which scans over a dozen top-notch tech sites. Click here:

2. Tech Support Guy: If you are having another bad day with Windows, or if your printer is acting up then the Tech Support Guy can help. Post your question to the site's forums or search more than 30,000 threads to find an answer. Click here:

3. Centralizing technical support for all operating systems and all computer types in one location. Click here:

Utilities & Tools

1. Rollyo: Rollyo is short for "roll your own search engine", which means you can create a custom collection of search engines and topics and then share the resulting 'roll' with others. The free site provides logged-in users some starter search-rolls of its own, as well as lists of topic-targeted rolls created by celebrities and other "high rollers". You can add your Rollyo search rolls to Firefox's search engine toolbar with a click, and post your roll to your own blog or website just by copying and pasting some HTML code. Click here:

2. Furl: Furl lets you save your favorite web-pages in an online account that you can access from any computer. It lets you save the entire page - so even if the site becomes inaccessible later, you still have a copy. Click here:

3. Anonymizer: Want to surf the Internet without revealing your IP address, cookies, or any other information to the sites you visit? Use the free Anonymous browsing service on Anonymizer's home page, and it displays the page you want. Click here:

Information & Reference

1. Bartleby: Like a reference library, Bartleby is home to several sources, including a dictionary, an encyclopedia, and various books of quotations. It offers audio pronunciations of words, a feature you have to pay for at other dictionary sites. Click here:

2. OneLook: One word describes OneLook: comprehensive, as in covering completely. This site collects definitions from more than 100 dictionaries, ranging from garden-variety Merriam-Webster's to the (who knew?) Yiddish-Hebrew-English-German-Russian Picture Dictionary. Click here:

3. Currency Converter: The Universal Currency converter gives you quick, free, up-to-the minute conversions. You'll also find a quick reference table for popular currencies you want to see, which, in turn, are converted into 85 others in a table created for you on the fly. Lastly, you can sign-up for a free service that emails you your current exchange rates daily. Click here:

Literary Pursuits

1. Sharpmail: Maybe your boss has bad breath, or a close friend is in serious need of an ego boost. You can slip them a word in secret using Sharpmail's anonymous e-mailer. You can send your message in plain text or HTML. Click here:

2. Lulu: Have you written a novel but can;t find a publisher? Do it yourself on Unlike most self-publishing sites, Lulu charges no up-front fees and requires no minimum orders. Just upload a word processing document and follow a wizard to choose the book's size, format, cover, art, and price or commission. You can sell your book via Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your own website. Click here:

3. Puzzles: Puzzle fanatics should check out Ray Hamel's Crossword Puzzles page. hamel's site lists 250 puzzle sites, foreign language crosswords, solver sites, articles, software, and anagram generators. Click here: